1001. Manoman – Simon Cartwright

SUMMARY: Shy Glen inadvertently unleashes a long repressed side of himself during a primal scream session. WHY IT’S HERE: Simon Cartwright’s BAFTA-nominated ‘Manoman’ is a superb, haunting, crude, hilarious and unique piece of work in which a shy man called Glen finds himself accompanying a miniature, naked version of himself on a citywide rampage of … More 1001. Manoman – Simon Cartwright

1000. Edmond – Nina Gantz

SUMMARY: A young man regresses into his memories to try and understand his peculiarly cannibalistic method of showing affection. WHY IT’S HERE: Dutch director Nina Gantz’s BAFTA-winning short ‘Edmond’ is an extremely dark but absurdly comic examination of one man’s alienating quirk of showing affection by literally attempting to consume the object of his love. … More 1000. Edmond – Nina Gantz

997. The Casebook of Nips and Porkington – Melody Wang

SUMMARY: Nips and Porkington are members of the police force who set about tracking down a stolen egg. WHY IT’S HERE: Melody Wang, one of the directors who made the lovely ‘Grounded’, demonstrates her extraordinary talents in the beautiful little film ‘The Casebook of Nips & Porkington’. Starring anthropomorphic animals who have a warmly nostalgic … More 997. The Casebook of Nips and Porkington – Melody Wang

996. World of Tomorrow – Don Hertzfeldt

SUMMARY: A young girl named Emily receives a live video transmission from an adult third-generation clone of herself contacting her from 227 years in the future. WHY IT’S HERE: Having wowed critics and fans with his extraordinary Bill trilogy, Don Hertzfeldt somehow managed to follow it up with something every bit as astonishingly masterful. Hertzfeldt’s … More 996. World of Tomorrow – Don Hertzfeldt

994. Johnny Express –

SUMMARY: An intergalactic delivery man attempts to deliver a microscopic parcel to a community he can’t even see. WHY IT’S HERE: Kyungmin Woo’s ‘Johnny Express’ is a hilarious, anarchic short with a deceptively dark sense of humour. Beautifully cartoony, brightly coloured visuals do not prepare the viewer for the total annihilation that is coming. The … More 994. Johnny Express –

993. We Can’t Live Without Cosmos – Konstantin Bronzit

SUMMARY: Two cosmonauts who have been friends since childhood strive to complete their training for a potentially deadly space mission. WHY IT’S HERE: Konstantin Bronzit Oscar nominated ‘We Can’t Live Without Cosmos’ is a terrific and wholly unpredictable gem of a film which begins as a hysterical comedy and slowly shifts into something darker. Wonderfull … More 993. We Can’t Live Without Cosmos – Konstantin Bronzit

992. Bear Story – Gabriel Osorio Vargas

SUMMARY: An old bear creates a mechanical diorama that tells the story of his life. WHY IT’S HERE: Gabriel Osorio Vargas’ ‘Bear Story’ was the first Chilean film ever to win an Oscar but its achievements go beyond this simple statistic. This film was inspired by the director’s grandfather Leopoldo Osorio’s experience as a socialist … More 992. Bear Story – Gabriel Osorio Vargas