997. The Casebook of Nips and Porkington – Melody Wang


SUMMARY: Nips and Porkington are members of the police force who set about tracking down a stolen egg.

WHY IT’S HERE: Melody Wang, one of the directors who made the lovely ‘Grounded’, demonstrates her extraordinary talents in the beautiful little film ‘The Casebook of Nips & Porkington’. Starring anthropomorphic animals who have a warmly nostalgic look of classic animation about them, the film follows its title characters on an old fashioned detective adventure. To this promising formula, Wang adds the delightful detail that the action takes place against the backdrop of a newspaper. The characters peer round pages, dart between advertisements and manipulate letters into magnifying glasses. It’s delightfully done and this student project, at just two and a half minutes in length, has oodles of potential to be expanded. A little research reveals that Wang has been approached to create a series starring the duo, an exciting prospect so long as she is able to retain creative control and keep those gorgeous character designs. I’d love to see more from Nips and Porkington in the future.


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