995. L3.0 – Alexis Decelle


SUMMARY: A lonely little robot looks for someone to play with in a future Paris seemingly devoid of life.

WHY IT’S HERE: Alexis Decelle’s ‘L3.0’ (a play on the name Leo) is a deceptive short that initially drew many comparisons to Pixar’s ‘Wall-E’ but is, in fact, a very different film indeed. Telling the story of a lonely robot looking for a playmate in a post-apocalyptic Paris, ‘L3.0’ begins like a sweetly melancholy children’s film which we assume will end with the robot overcoming its loneliness in some life-affirming way. But instead the film takes a much darker turn, with an ambiguous final image which can be taken in several different ways, some of which are chilling. ‘L3.0’ is the sort of film that rattles inside your head for a long time after you see it, leaving you with more questions than answers and a haunting sense that you will never fully understand all of its secrets. Not bad for a 3 minute film.

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