1000. Edmond – Nina Gantz


SUMMARY: A young man regresses into his memories to try and understand his peculiarly cannibalistic method of showing affection.

WHY IT’S HERE: Dutch director Nina Gantz’s BAFTA-winning short ‘Edmond’ is an extremely dark but absurdly comic examination of one man’s alienating quirk of showing affection by literally attempting to consume the object of his love. Brilliantly animated with fluffy material onto which expressions are drawn, ‘Edmond’ tells its small story in reverse, beginning with the suicidal protagonists contemplation of his life and slipping fluidly back through his memories all the way to his time in the womb. Despite it being both creepy and absurdly funny, ‘Edmond’ is also deeply sensitive and very moving in its examination of mental illness, inviting its audience to sympathise with a deeply disturbed but sweet-natured character struggling to control his impulses. An early scene in which Edmond’s mother visits his house with a birthday cake takes on greater meaning as we delve deeper into Edmond’s psyche. A scene involving a school play is particularly heart-breaking even as it deftly employs the comic device of an abrupt switch in tone.

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