998. An Object at Rest – Seth Boyden


SUMMARY: The life of a stone as it goes from towering mountain to tiny pebble.

WHY IT’S HERE: Seth Boyden’s absolutely charming ‘An Object at Rest’ follows the story of a mountain over the course of millions of years as it degrades into a tiny pebble. Layering digital animation on top of sumptuous watercolour backgrounds, ‘An Object at Rest’ combines its gorgeous, cartoony visuals with an epic scope as its expansive story plays out in just over five minutes. Taking in a variety of historical settings, the stone goes through a wide variety of situations before arriving at a satisfying conclusion which, when considered, may be just another beginning. Boyden’s film narrowly missed out on being Oscar nominated but ‘An Object at Rest’ feels like a classic already, combining a strong story with terrifically appealing visuals.


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