993. We Can’t Live Without Cosmos – Konstantin Bronzit


SUMMARY: Two cosmonauts who have been friends since childhood strive to complete their training for a potentially deadly space mission.

WHY IT’S HERE: Konstantin Bronzit Oscar nominated ‘We Can’t Live Without Cosmos’ is a terrific and wholly unpredictable gem of a film which begins as a hysterical comedy and slowly shifts into something darker. Wonderfull hand drawn in a cartoony style, the fifteen minute film spends its first half following two playful but determined cosmonauts through a gruelling training process. Filled with lovely little comedic moments, the training sequences prepare the viewer for one kind of film but then ‘We Can’t Live Without Cosmos’ quickly becomes another, with a sudden shift in tone which makes it more dramatic and highlights the overarching themes of friendship that are the films heart. Although it changes significantly, ‘We Can’t Live Without Cosmos’ never feels jarring. Told without words, the narrative style doesn’t feel disrupted even as the mood alters and small moments of humour poke through the latter half’s tragic observations. One image in particular, the result of an x-ray, is heartbreakingly sad but Bronzit never milks the pathos and continues past the image without a dramatic music cue or slow zoom into the crucial detail. Ending on an ambiguous note which could be taken as tragic, uplifting or somewhere in between, ‘We Can’t Live Without Cosmos’ is another fantastic film from a director from whom you’re never quite sure what to expect.


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