994. Johnny Express –


SUMMARY: An intergalactic delivery man attempts to deliver a microscopic parcel to a community he can’t even see.

WHY IT’S HERE: Kyungmin Woo’s ‘Johnny Express’ is a hilarious, anarchic short with a deceptively dark sense of humour. Beautifully cartoony, brightly coloured visuals do not prepare the viewer for the total annihilation that is coming. The story involves an intergalactic delivery man who is tasked with delivering a microscopic parcel that he can barely see to an alien whose hometown is invisible to him. Landing on a very small planet, the delivery man inadvertently steps right onto the alien’s town. ‘Johnny Express’ derives much of its humour from cuts between the citywide panic depicted from the alien’s point of view and the delivery man’s bored, irritated response to landing on what he assumes is an unpopulated planet. This juxtaposition has much to say about perspectives but ‘Johnny Express’ is played entirely for laughs, which makes it all the more appealing.


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