991. Isola del Giglio – Tom Schroeder


SUMMARY: Images of life on Isola del Giglio, in the form of an animated sketchbook.

WHY IT’S HERE: Tom Schroeder’s wonderful ‘Isola del Giglio’ shares an atmosphere with other animated travelogues such as ‘Madagascar, A Journey Diary’ and ‘Journey to Cape Verde’, in that it evokes a time and place through animated sketches depicted as if in a book. Like the aforementioned films, narrative is put aside in favour of mood and an encapsulation of one day on Isola del Giglio. Considerably different from his anecdotal films, ‘Isola del Giglio’ also marks a progression in Schroeder’s visual style, which still favours the attractively bold but now has a far more painterly look and increased fluidity of animation. Like all the best travelogues, ‘Isola del Giglio’ takes you away from your own life and places you squarely in its own destination, which is depicted with a great attention to details, both visual and aural, and great affection for the characters of the island. A joy from beginning to end, ‘Isola del Giglio’ is a relaxing watch to completely lose yourself in.


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