987. A Single Life – Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw


SUMMARY: A woman receives a record which allows her to skip to various different points in her life by moving the needle to different parts of the song.

WHY IT’S HERE: Although it was dismissed in some quarters as a two-minute joke, Job Roggeveen, Marieke Blaauw and Joris Oprins’ ‘A Single Life’ is so much more than that. Created over three months, this Oscar nominated short tells the story of Pia, a woman who receives a mysterious vinyl record which, when the needle is skipped, has the power to transport her to various places in her life. The ending of the film is somewhat inevitable but the journey there is the fun part, and therein lies a nice little metaphor for ‘A Single Life’s themes of mortality and time. As Pia jumps forward to different moments in her life, the room changes around her, incorporating little details that tell stories of their own. Though it is very funny, ‘A Single Life’ is also haunting, underlining just how quickly time slips away and concluding on that bleak little punchline which stays with you long after the film ends.


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