986. The Oceanmaker – Lucas Martell


SUMMARY: In a world where the seas have disappeared, a brave female pirate fights for control of the last source of water.

WHY IT’S HERE: After his amusing comedy short ‘Pigeon: Impossible’, Lucas Martell turned his hand to something very different with this action-packed ten minute adventure. Although it retains the appealing cartoonish character designs of his first short, ‘The Oceanmaker’ sees Martell trying something more ambitious and the result is a thrilling mini-adventure with enormous potential to be expanded into a full feature, a goal Martell is aiming to achieve. Pitting a courageous female pilot against sky pirates who are battling for control of the clouds, the last source of water in a worldwide drought, ‘The Oceanmaker’ works beautifully as a standalone, wordless action-adventure.


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