985. Me and My Moulton – Torill Kove


SUMMARY: The story of three sisters in Norway who long for their parents to buy them a bike.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Me and my Moulton’ is the third Oscar nominated short from Torill Kove, whose shorts ‘My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts’ and ‘The Danish Poet’ I loved so much. Kove’s charming 2D cartoon style is still present, as is her unique flair for storytelling but at first this more personal tale of Kove’s fictionalised youth seemed to be missing the same magic that her previous work had in spades. I don’t know why I didn’t connect more strongly with ‘Me and My Moulton’ on first viewing because subsequent watches revealed it to be exactly as movingly sweet and narratively enjoyable as those earlier modest masterpieces. I suppose the far more personal nature of this childhood tale takes a little longer to permeate than the fanciful, intricate storylines of Kove’s previous work. But as I rewatched it, I fell in love with the small story and the carefully embroidered little details that build up an image of family life. This is anecdotal filmmaking that revels in the smaller things in life and, as such, it is both brilliantly recognisable as Kove’s work and builds on her repertoire by applying the glorious storybook look to punched-up diary excerpts.


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