982. The Bigger Picture – Daisy Jacobs


SUMMARY: Two brothers battle over how best to deal with their aging mother.

WHY IT’S HERE: British animator Daisy Jacobs’ ‘The Bigger Picture’ is a great film that uses an innovative animation style in which two metre high cut-out characters interact with 2D painted artwork and full-sized sets in often ingenious ways. Much attention was given to this unusual production process in the promotional material and what would presumably be quite a cumbersome way to work has resulted in a unique and visually stunning film. With lots of symbolism, a sprinkling of black humour and a hint of the homemade that aligns it with great animated shorts of the 80s, ‘The Bigger Picture’ tells the grim story of two brothers who battle over how to deal with the problem of their ever-frailer aging mother. It’s weighty subject matter that is well handled in the unsentimental script, which is every bit as much of an asset as the eye-catching animation. These elements grabbed the film a well-deserved Oscar nomination and a BAFTA win.


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