980. Duet – Glen Keane


SUMMARY: A boy, a girl and a dog are seen at various stages of their life, constantly in motion and dancing a duet they are not yet even aware of.

WHY IT’S HERE: Disney legend Glen Keane’s ‘Duet’ is a gorgeous, hand-drawn animated dance which celebrates life, love and motion in equal measures. Depicting the progress through life from babies to young adults of a boy and a girl, as well as the boy’s puppy’s development into a full-grown dog, ‘Duet’ sees its characters engaged in independent activities but occasionally meeting up again for a fleeting moment, ultimately heading towards an inevitable union at the end. Though some have dismissed it as sentimental, ‘Duet’ is actually a deeply sincere ode to joyous moments in life. Its characters are in constant motion, sometimes literally dancing and sometimes running, leaping and tumbling in the glorious dance of existence. Rendered in white line drawings against a blue background and accompanied by a soaring score, it’s a hard-heart that could not find something to be moved by in this treasure of a film.


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