973. Get a Horse! – Lauren McMullan


SUMMARY: Mickey Mouse returns to the screen in glorious black and white… at first!

WHY IT’S HERE: Disney’s ‘Get a Horse!’ saw the studio continuing its commendable efforts to bring their most iconic character out of retirement. Beginning like a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon, in black and white and with original title cards and recognisably bouncy animation, ‘Get a Horse!’ was marketed as a new cartoon entirely in this style. A minute and a half clip of the early scenes was even released online. This heavy publicity seemed to be rather spoiling the fun of discovering the new short’s secrets for yourself… until you got into the cinema. It then became apparent that the length of the leaked clip had been very carefully chosen because from that moment on the black and white Mickey and his friends burst through the cinema screen and become full colour CG characters, interacting with the black and white Peg Leg Pete and captive Minnie who still tower over them on the screen above. While this sort of idea is not entirely new, ‘Get a Horse!’ executes it so beautifully that it matters little. Disney’s marketing of the film and the glorious final result were perfectly judged and I believe that its loss of the Oscar is probably more to do with both the previous year’s Disney Oscar victory with ‘Paperman’ and that year’s Disney victory in the Animated Feature category for ‘Frozen’.


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