969. Marilyn Myller – Michael Please


SUMMARY: Marilyn is an artist who swings between delusions of grandeur and violent self-doubt. When she is given a chance to exhibit her work, it comes at a price which will continue to feed both these vying beasts.

WHY IT’S HERE: Michael Please’s ‘Marilyn Myller’ finds Please continuing to work in the same striking monochrome stop motion that made his BAFTA-winning short ‘The Eagleman Stag’ so memorable. But while ‘The Eagleman Stag’ also had a dense, wordy script, ‘Marilyn Myller’ is more of a visual piece, a point made clear in its beautiful opening scenes in which artist Marilyn casts herself as God Almighty, creating worlds. But she quickly goes from God Almighty to Gordon Bennett as one of her creations falls apart and the seeds of doubt are planted. Where the short goes is clever and funny and what little dialogue there is is delivered hilariously by comedian Josie Long. Whether the idea for ‘Marilyn Myller’ came from Please’s own frustrations in trying to follow up ‘The Eagleman Stag’ is unclear but whatever the inspiration, he has successfully captured the eternal struggle that anyone who has tried to do anything creative ever will understand.


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