968. The Missing Scarf – Eoin Duffy


SUMMARY: Albert the Squirrel sets off to find his missing scarf but ends up helping all his woodland friends with their own existentialist problems.

WHY IT’S HERE: Irish director Eoin Duffy’s ‘The Missing Scarf’ is a terrific film made with the free animation tool Blender3D. Purposefully rendered in a simple, colourful style that sets up expectations of what the film will be, ‘The Missing Scarf’ immediately sets about dismantling these expectations as Albert the Squirrel’s sweet little quest is derailed by a series of increasingly neurotic woodland animals who turn to him for advice. Although the pat answers that Albert peddles seem to appease them, the short’s ending suggests that these are not the opinions of the director himself. Although visually memorable, ‘The Missing Scarf’s major trump cards are Duffy’s script and the pitch-perfect narration of the legendary George Takei.


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