963. Marcel, King of Tervuren – Tom Schroeder


SUMMARY: The story of Marcel, a rooster who will do anything it takes to hang onto his seat of power.

WHY IT’S HERE: Tom Schroeder’s ‘Marcel, King of Tervuren’ is continued proof, if any were needed, of the director’s skill for making a small, personal story completely engaging. In this case, it is the story of a rooster who survives the threat of bird flu and numerous attempts to subdue and kill him, only to face a rising threat from his own son for the place of ruler of the roost. Told by Marcel’s owner Ann Berckmoes, the short combines the narrator’s fond remembrances with a real sense of drama, which is brought out by the imposing score and Schroeder’s technique of placing the viewer squarely at chicken level in the barnyard setting. Perhaps most striking of all are Schroeder’s visuals. A leap on from the charmingly bold drawings previous works, ‘Marcel, King of Tervuren’ is filled with fluid bursts of colour and shifting shapes which give it a kaleidoscopic effect and are further proof of Schroeder’s versatility.


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