962. I Am Tom Moody – Ainslie Henderson


SUMMARY: An aspiring musician battles his own inner-doubts as he steps up to perform at an open-mic event.

WHY IT’S HERE: Ainslie Henderson’s terrific, BAFTA-nominated ‘I Am Tom Moody’ brilliantly captures that moment of self-doubt as you stand up before an audience. Using wide-eyed, expressive stop-motion puppets, Henderson captures every aspect of the thoughts that rush through your head when you put yourself in a position where you can be judged. Rifling through childhood memories and pitting cautious optimism against damning defeatism, Tom ultimately confronts his own childhood self in order to overcome his fears. Nicely voiced by Mackenzie Crook, ‘I Am Tom Moody’ takes a situation that most people can relate to and then presents a series of specific events that lead up to it for this particular character which provide a sort of model for general self-exploration. The recurrent motif of the ice-cream cone iss particularly good, exposing what appears to be a throwaway comedic line as somewhat more important than it seems.


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