957. Dark Vessel – Rocky Curby


SUMMARY: The victim of a lynching leaves behind his shadow to haunt his murderers.

WHY IT’S HERE: Visual effect artist Rocky Curby’s ‘Dark Vessel’ is a taut, atmospheric little revenge horror film that happens to star a cast of robots. At first one is put in mind of ‘Futurama’s Bender but as the story quickly turns darker, we realise that this is no comedy. The film begins with a robot being lynched but rather than drop him through a trapdoor, his captors slice off his legs, unleashing a torrent of gore. At this stage we realise that although the cast is metal on the outside, they also have very human innards. In fact, one may wonder why Curby has chosen to use robots at all, given that their partially-mechanical nature is not even touched upon by the plot. It’s just one of the many things that make ‘Dark Vessel’ more unusual than many of its gore-heavy CG counterparts.


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