953. Bottle – Kirsten Lepore


SUMMARY: Two creatures, one made from sand and the other from snow, begin a transoceanic correspondence using a bottle

WHY IT’S HERE: Kirsten Lepore’s great stop-motion animation ‘Bottle’ was painstakingly animated by Lepore alone, out of the sand and snow that we see onscreen. The story, in which the two elemental creatures build a relationship just through the items they send each other in a bottle, is a variation on the doomed romance theme in which two different worlds struggle to come together. Without words, Lepore makes her creations extremely expressive, even before they have used seaweed and pine needles to give themselves makeshift features. The film’s inevitable ending is both sad and blackly comic, as an attempt to go take the relationship to the next step crumbles pathetically before our eyes.


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