951. Bobby Yeah – Robert Morgan


SUMMARY: A rabbit-like humanoid creature steals a baby’s favourite plaything and plunges himself into a nightmarish series of encounters as a result.

WHY IT’S HERE: By the time he made the BAFTA-nominated ‘Bobby Yeah’, Robert Morgan had already carved out a name for himself as a director of effective animated horror narratives like ‘The Cat With Human Hands’ and ‘The Separation’ but with his latest opus Morgan throws conventional narrative out of the window completely for a 23 minute descent into a surreal world of nightmarish visions. Morgan’s work has often been compared to that of David Lynch and David Cronenberg and these comparisons are particularly relevant to ‘Bobby Yeah’ but there is so much more here too. As well as containing references to the classic animations of Jan Svankmajer, Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and Georges Melies ‘A Trip to the Moon’, ‘Bobby Yeah’ creates a Claymation world that is distinctively Morgan’s own creation and which cannot be defined by simple comparison or inevitably inadequate description. Although synopses of ‘Bobby Yeah’ provide a small narrative peg on which to hang the images, the film itself is a cornucopia of weirdness which can be interpreted in all sorts of way or simply enjoyed as a visually compelling experience. Unlike its predecessor ‘The Separation’, Morgan’s new creation eschews emotional connection for a viscerally funny film that will amuse and horrify in equal measures.


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