950. Nullarbor – Patrick Sarell, Alister Lockhart


SUMMARY: Two motorists lock horns on Australia’s Nullarbor, the longest stretch of straight, treeless road in the Outback.

WHY IT’S HERE: Patrick Sarell and Alister Lockhart’s ‘Nullarbor’ is an amusing, cruel little film about a thuggish motorist driving down Australia’s Nullarbor and suddenly realising that he is out of cigarettes. Imploring a passing driver to let him have one of his smokes, the other driver mistakes his motioning for an obscene gesture and so begins a lengthy, pointless competition of one-upmanship and humiliation between the pair. Nicely rendered in CG, ‘Nullarbor’ beautifully captures the barrenness of its setting, which reflects the unpleasant, impulsive characters in its lack of anything attractive to offset its grim emptiness. Amidst the sadistically amusing scenes there are one of two big laughs that punctuate the film at just the right moments so as not to overegg the comedy or let it dwindle into simple nihilism.


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