945. Dripped – Leo Verrier


SUMMARY: Jack is a struggling artist in 1950s New York, who steals priceless paintings and then eats them in order to acquire the skills of the painters. But inspiration is sometimes hard to come by.

WHY IT’S HERE: French director Leo Verrier’s terrific tribute to Jackson Pollock, ‘Dripped’ is not an animated biopic but rather a fictional reimagining of an artist’s awakening to a new style, having exhausted his attempts to imitate others. Though some Pollock fanatics have condemned the film as inaccurate, this entirely misses the point. This is not the life of Pollock but a fantastical, symbolic story inspired by Pollock’s work. In the film, main character Jack is a frustrated artist who can’t find his style despite literally ingesting the works of the masters. It takes a moment of frustration to inadvertently unlock his own potential. Wonderfully rendered in a bright, cartoony style with tips of the hat to numerous masterpieces, ‘Dripped’ is a strange, funny, upbeat film which I found to be an utter delight.


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