939. Adam and Dog – Minkyu Lee


SUMMARY: The story of Adam and Eve as seen through the eyes of a dog.

WHY IT’S HERE: Minkyu Lee’s ‘Adam and Dog’ is, like Disney’s ‘Paperman’ (which it lost the Oscar to), thin on plot and rich in visuals but it also trumps the former film in its engaging atmospherics as we witness the Adam and Eve story unfolding but from the point of view of a dog. We know what’s coming but Lee doesn’t play up the supposed profundity of ‘Adam and Dog’ and instead invites us to enjoy the experience of the beautiful Garden of Eden as Adam and the dog wander freely in its surroundings, and then concisely charts the fall of man, sweetening it with a depiction of the birth of man’s best friend. Exquisitely realised and enjoyably slow-paced so as to let us drink in the atmospherics, ‘Adam and Dog’ puts a new spin on an oft-told story.


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