934. Sunday – Patrick Doyon


SUMMARY: A young boy finds ways to get through a dull, though also very strange, Sunday.

WHY IT’S HERE: Patrick Doyon’s gently surreal ‘Dimanche/Sunday’ strongly evoked the sort of unusual animations that always used to be on in obscure and seemingly random timeslots when I was a kid. It was these strange, sometimes unsettling, always fascinating animations that first opened my eyes to a world of animation beyond Disney and Warner Bros. Following one young boy’s experience of a dull Sunday, this hand drawn treat is full of jarringly unexpected, non-sensical (yet somehow logical) gags and manages to combine a sense of warmth with the off-kilter creepiness that so often pervades visions of quiet anarchy. Nominated for an Oscar, it was probably always an outside bet for winner but I loved ‘Dimanche/Sunday’ and its very nomination is cause enough for celebration.


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