933. It’s Such a Beautiful Day – Don Hertzfeldt


SUMMARY: Bill continues to struggle with his unspecified mental condition as it takes a greater hold of his life.

WHY IT’S HERE: The third and final part of Don Hertzfeldt’s Bill trilogy provides the perfect ending even as it moves away from the tragi-comic tone of the first two parts to create a largely more serious, philosophical and beautiful finale. The previous two films in the trilogy also had a good deal of philosophical weight but ‘It’s Such a Beautiful Day’ takes the series to more unusual and varied places as Bill’s condition worsens and changes his outlook on life. Hertzfeldt places Bill in live-action locations and stunning otherworldly spacescapes and his accompanying narration, though remaining true to the dry monotone it has retained throughout, becomes more wistful and expansive in the themes it tackles. With his brilliant weaving together of themes from throughout the trilogy, Hertzfeldt finds the best possible ending to the story by not providing anything too pat or predictable but also not leaving things frustratingly open-ended. The result is oddly uplifting but not conclusively positive or negative. Having completed one of the greatest animated mini-series of all time, Hertzfeldt seamlessly edited his three films together to create on of the greatest animated feature films of all time as well.


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