931. Journey to Cape Verde – Jose Miguel Ribeiro


SUMMARY: A man sets off on an impulsive trip to Cape Verde.

WHY IT’S HERE: Jose Miguel Ribeiro’s ‘Journey to Cape Verde’ demonstrated the director’s versatility. A far cry from his celebrated puppet films in both style and tone, ‘Journey to Cape Verde’ shares certain characteristics with ‘Madagascar, a Journey Diary’, another great animated travelogue from 2010. While that film managed to put me right in the middle of the action, ‘Journey to Cape Verde’ instead presents the viewer with a more simplistic visual representation of another country, telling its wandering tale through simple shapes and colours, chiefly a silhouette of a backpacker encumbered with a huge, rectangular rucksack, and the shifting scenery he encounters. At seventeen minutes in length, ‘Journey to Cape Verde’ achieves its own immersive quality through a sense that you are accompanying this lone traveller on his journey and Ribeiro does a great job of capturing both the sense of freedom and anxiety of suddenly being alone in an alien landscape. Ribeiro also uses the device of a travel diary with sketches and doodles to present elements of the trip, another technique that links the film with ‘Madagascar, a Journey Diary’. The two films would make a great double bill, taking viewers to different lands through some shared and some different approaches.


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