930. Bike Race – Tom Schroeder


SUMMARY: A bike race between two friends becomes more complex when a love triangle begins to develop.

WHY IT’S HERE: Tom Schroeder’s ‘Bike Race’ is a sister film to his classic ‘Bike Ride’, using the same simple white lines to tell an emotionally compelling story which uses the bike race as a backdrop. Almost a decade on from ‘Bike Ride’, ‘Bike Race’ feels like an affectionate return to ground already trodden, but for fans of the first film it’s a very welcome decision. ‘Bike Race’ also has some new elements, such as multiple narrators, flashes of colour and cut-out photographs, which underlines the two film’s differences even as a pleasing continuity emerges from their similarities. Watching the two films back to back may diminish the impact but each works brilliantly alone and they would make excellent bookends for a Tom Schroeder retrospective, the like of which I will stage at the drop of a hat for any friend who shows an interest in this underrated director.


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