929. Night Music – Paul Jacques


SUMMARY: The mysterious, reclusive Dr. Bird must travel into Sailortown on a quest to repair his beloved gramophones.

WHY IT’S HERE: Paul Jacques’ wonderful ‘Night Music’ was written, drawn and directed as part of the Vision Shorts project to provide basic film training to people recovering from mental-health problems. Although the animation is extremely basic, with characters remaining barely animate for long stretches, this rudimentary approach is also effective for the material, the intricately sketched characters and their grubby surroundings in which little comedic touches abound. ‘Night Music’ is instantly reminiscent of Tom Waits’ spoken word tracks, with a touch of Nick Cave and a dollop of The Mighty Boosh for good measure. The seedy, unpleasant world in which ‘Night Music’ takes place is evoked beautifully through music, script and the great narration, which just about keeps a grip on the bizarre but internally-logical story. A little gem for lovers of the odd, ‘Night Music’ is a grimly hilarious piece of work.


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