928. Mother of Many – Emma Lazenby


SUMMARY: Emma Lazenby pays tribute to her mother Pam, a midwife from 1980-2008.

WHY IT’S HERE: Emma Lazenby’s touching, BAFTA-winning short ‘Mother of Many’ follows a midwife through a busy day, including the delivery of a baby. Made in tribute to her mother Pam who spent 28 years in the profession, ‘Mother of Many’ is a charmingly animated piece which gives a little glimpse into a hard but rewarding job. Lazenby had previously worked on the popular children’s series ‘Charlie and Lola’ and the visual style of that show is apparent here. Simple, colourful visuals compliment the riveting slice-of-life perfectly and while cynics may say it presents an idealised vision of the profession, that is ultimately to the credit of this upbeat little charmer. Those who levelled this criticism also clearly missed the wonderfully observed final moment, in which the toll the working day takes is seen in the midwife’s small sigh of exhaustion as she gets in her car, before she drives away with a smile on her face. After Mother of Many Lazenby made a number of films for Channel 4, worked as an animation director at Aardman, art directed a Disney series for ArthurCox, and a year ago started her own company ForMed Films CIC, a not for profit animation company making narrative medical animations, to explain different procedures, give information and ease of anxieties for patients and public.


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