990 – Grounded – Melody Wang, Steven Bryant, Justine Howard, Bronwyn Jackson, Jeung-Ha Kim, Alex Kolano, Shiyou Li, Khoebe Magsaysay, Margaret Perrie, Kelsey Ryan, Evan Sangster-Keeley, Tasha Surendra, Inna Testolini

SUMMARY: A rabbit takes to the sky to save his little brother when he is carried away by helium balloons.

WHY IT’S HERE: A student film made as a collaborative project by thirteen directors, ‘Grounded’ is a charming little film that has a joyous sense of the creators’ love for animation. A rescue story in which a rabbit tries to save his little brother when he floats away on helium balloons, there are no clever plot twists or virtuoso flourishes in ‘Grounded’ but it delights simply through good storytelling and attractive animation. Children will love it but ‘Grounded’ is much more than a kid’s film, it is a tribute to collaborative achievement and a film I’m sure its multiple creators were very proud of. One imagines this little gem binds them together like the scarf around its two rabbit characters in ‘Grounded’s final moments.


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