926. The Last Norwegian Troll – Pjotr Sapegin


SUMMARY: The last surviving troll in Norway reminisces about an age when mythical creatures roamed his country.

WHY IT’S HERE: Pjotr Sapegin’s ‘The Last Norwegian Troll’ is a lovely puppet animator which manages to combine the crude and the poetic to great effect. None other than legendary actor Max Von Sydow narrates the film, with his lilting voice lending the thoughtful narrative much credence. But Sapegin also punctuates his melancholy, thoughtful moments with scatological bursts of farting, belching and shitting. At one point, the troll becomes embroiled in a version of the folktale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and, needless to say, the goats have huge, pendulous testicles that jiggle as they run. Far from undermining the film’s more philosophical side however, the crudity in ‘The Last Norwegian Troll’ acts as a grounding counterbalance to the fantastical elements and highlights the boorish nature of the troll species, whose stupidity and repellence is well-documented in the narration. The result is a scrungy but curiously moving film.


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