925. Animated History of Poland – Tomasz Baginski


SUMMARY: An animated representation of 1000 years of Polish history.

WHY IT’S HERE: Created to represent Poland at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Tomasz Baginski’s ‘Animated History of Poland’ mirrors its clinically precise title with a gloriously animated depiction of key events across 1000 years of Baginski’s country. I have previously criticised Baginski’s much-lauded ‘Katedra’ for looking like a cut-scene from a computer game. The same could be said of ‘Animated History of Poland’, but here Baginski makes it work, with his less-expressive human creations aiding an unbiased, factual piece in its educational purpose. That said, ‘Animated History of Poland is also very entertaining in its fluid movement through hundreds of events, each handily provided with a date in the bottom corner. Polish nationals may appreciate the film more on first viewing but it encourages those who do not know their Polish history (myself included) to look into what events are being represented with each little moment. Although it aims to be informative, ‘Animated History of Poland’ also ends with a lovely, playful little wink as the characters from each of the historical eras assemble for a curtain call.


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