923. Azureus Rising – David Weinstein


SUMMARY: A freedom fighter known as Azureus breaks into a interstellar city colony to shut down the city’s evil computer controlled military drones.

WHY IT’S HERE: Visual effects artist David Weinstein made the short ‘Azureus Rising’ as a proof of concept to potentially be expanded into a full feature. A dazzling CG set-piece in which a mysterious freedom fighter battles robot drones, most notably a giant mechanical scorpion, ‘Azureus Rising’ is the sort of film I probably wouldn’t be interested in as a full feature but as a 6 minute short it works, packing a tight little action plot into a small space of time and leaving the audience wanting for nothing more. Like Shane Acker’s ‘9’, ‘Azureus Rising’ is a thrilling little battle which would likely descend into sci-fi cliché if expanded upon.


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