916. Love and Theft – Andreas Hykade


SUMMARY: An abstract film in which images of cartoon character, cartoonists and various other evocative shapes morph into one another in mesmerizing animation loops.

WHY IT’S HERE: Andreas Hykade’s ‘Love and Theft’ is a hypnotic abstract animation which incorporates many references to classic animation into its imagery. Beginning with the emergence of some simple line drawings, the shapes quickly begin to morph into images of Charlie Brown and Hello Kitty. As the shapes become more complex and the colours brighter, more and more recognisable faces flash on the screen for a split second, with SpongeBob Squarepants, Betty Boop, Donald Duck and Droopy all making appearances, alongside legendary animators Bill Plympton and Ryan Larkin. As the film progresses, the shapes become more varied, often with sexual connotations recognisable from Hykade’s earlier work (characters from his brilliant, explicit earlier short ‘Ring of Fire’ also make cameos. For animation fans, this is an astonishing treat and a change in style for Hykade from his earlier narrative films.


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