911. Pixels – Patrick Jean


SUMMARY: New York City is invaded by characters from 8-Bit video games.

WHY IT’S HERE: Patrick Jean’s ‘Pixels’ is a great 2 minute short based on a very simple concept – what if the antagonists from classic 8-Bit video games for loose in New York City. So we see the ships from ‘Space Invaders’ flying over head while Pac-Man eats subway trains and Donkey King climbs the Empire State Building. The key to the success of ‘Pixels’ is its brevity. The idea only has a certain amount of mileage and Jean is wise to end it after just two minutes. Unfortunately, the idea was built into a widely-panned feature film in 2015 and the concept just cannot sustain a full feature and remain funny, especially if you also cast Adam Sandler and Kevin James. My advice would be to stick with this funny and charming short instead.


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