908. Something Left, Something Taken – Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata


SUMMARY: When they are picked up by a stranger at the airport, Max and Ru come to believe that they are travelling with the Zodiac killer.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Something Left, Something Taken’ is a fun little film by husband and wife team Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata. The directors cast themselves in the lead roles as a husband and wife on their way to visit a friend in San Francisco and attend a forensics lecture. When they are picked up at the airport by a stranger who claims to have been sent by their friend, the jittery Max convinces himself and his wife that they have been kidnapped by the Zodiac killer. Resigned to a grisly death, they spend the rest of the journey discussing how to ensure that evidence of their murder is discovered by the forensics team. Although it is billed as a dark comedy, ‘Something Left, Something Taken’ is light-hearted, gently funny and animated with an organic appeal in which you can see how the props and scenery were made and yet it increases the realism of the particular world in which it is set. The directors do a great job of voicing their animated equivalents and bring a laidback charm to even the darkest moments of the story.


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