904. Sunday Drive – Jose Miguel Ribeiro


SUMMARY: A family falls apart during a claustrophobic Sunday drive.

WHY IT’S HERE: After his acclaimed stop-motion masterpiece ‘A Suspect’, Jose Miguel Ribeiro made ‘Sunday Drive’, a short which uses the same animation style and angular character designs but which is based around a darker story of family disharmony. Although ‘A Suspect’ was about murder, it was more playful in its parlour-game suspense. ‘Sunday Drive’ shares ‘A Suspect’s enclosed vehicular setting but the tone is much harsher, as a hot-blooded family argue intensely during their weekly Sunday drive. This is not a neat little story with a beginning, middle and end but a slice of life in which much of the psychologically relevant interplay has already taken place offscreen and will continue to do so after the tentatively hopeful final image. Into this social realism, Ribeiro throws some nice stylised touches, such as the strangely contorted bodies of his characters and a child who communicates through thought-drawings which emerge from his head.


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