899. Mister Cok – Franck Dion


SUMMARY: Mister Cok is the owner of a large bomb factory who decides to replace his workers with robots. But one worker refuses to take it lying down.

WHY IT’S HERE: French director Franck Dion’s ‘Mister Cok’ is an impressive little tale of an arms manufacturer whose growing megalomania does not stop him from being heralded as a figure for public admiration. When he replaces the workers in his bomb factory with robots, one particularly angry former employee decides to take on the big boys. Though it is fairly on the nose with its satire, ‘Mister Cok’ makes its point emphatically and uses some impressive means to do so. Chief among the attractions here are the character designs, particularly the Dumpty-esque Cok whose benign fixed smile contrasts with his tyrannical deeds in a way that makes them all the more troubling. Also memorable is the raging ex-employee whose symbolic hammer and sickle puts him at the other extreme. All dialogue is in a mumbled gibberish language that makes the film disturbingly otherworldly.


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