897. Alma – Rodrigo Blaas


SUMMARY: A young girl spots a doll in a shop window that looks exactly like her.

WHY IT’S HERE: Former Pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas’s ‘Alma’ is a terrific CG short that lures the viewer in with a warm, sweet atmosphere only to slowly turn on them as the storyline darkens. The major triumph of ‘Alma’ is that as the narrative gets eerier, the same mood is maintained, with upbeat, soothing music and brightly coloured imagery, making the film all the more creepy. It’s hard to say much about ‘Alma without revealing spoilers but the basis of the short is a little girl spots a doll that resembles her in a seemingly deserted old toy shop and can’t help but be tempted to go in and investigate further. Old toys, especially dolls, which feature prominently, are always creepy and ‘Alma’ works up a real sense of menace without ever resorting to ominous music or shadowy jump-scares. It is a masterful work of short animation which deserves to be more widely seen.


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