896. Partly Cloudy – Peter Sohn


SUMMARY: A group of clouds make baby animals which they then give to storks to deliver. But one cloud has a particular knack for making dangerous creatures, much to his assigned stork’s dismay.

WHY IT’S HERE: One of Pixar’s cleverest and most heart-warming shorts, it was a surprise to see ‘Partly Cloudy’ not get an Oscar nomination when other inferior shorts like ‘Boundin” had managed it. Director Peter Sohn took inspiration from Disney’s ‘Dumbo’, in which storks deliver baby animals to their parents. Their flight through the clouds at the beginning of that film convinced Sohn that babies came from clouds, and that idea shaped ‘Partly Cloudy’ in which baby animals are created from the fluffy bodies of a cheery group of clouds and handed to storks to deliver. The film focuses on one duo in particular, a dark and stormy looking cloud whose particular skill is making dangerous babies such as crocodiles and porcupines. This leads to problems for his long-suffering stork friend who resolves to take action, resulting in a surprising and delightful climax. ‘Partly Cloudy’ is still one of the finest Pixar shorts and was also paired with one of their finest features, ‘Up’.


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