894. Let’s Pollute – Geefwee Boedoe


SUMMARY: A 1950s style public information film explains the importance of polluting more for a better tomorrow.

WHY IT’S HERE: Geefwee Boedoe’s ‘Let’s Pollute’ is a terrific parody of 1950s public information films in which the narrator encourages continued pollution. With both subject matter and style, Boedoe took a risk. The chirpy, upbeat and often naïve public information film has been parodied again and again, notably in episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ in which Troy McClure was a regular host. Likewise, the environmental theme of ‘Let’s Pollute’ has been touched on frequently in animation, although it was well overdue a resurrection given that environmentalism had started to be perceived by many as a bit retro! Fortunately, Boedoe’s recreation of both the graphic and narrative style of these films is so accurate that it immediately brushes aside comparisons with any shorter sketch parodies, while the important message is portrayed in a palatable comedic style with satire standing in for heavy-handed preaching. ‘Let’s Pollute’ was recognised with an Oscar nomination and while it has been comparatively forgotten it represents a strong and commendable late addition to the canon of environmentally concerned animations.


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