893. Logorama – Ludovic Houplain, Herve de Crecy, François Alaux


SUMMARY: In a world made entirely of logos, a tense shootout occurs between the police and the criminal Ronald McDonald.

WHY IT’S HERE: Rightfully winning the Oscar for its year, ‘Logorama’ is a stupendously ambitious, perfectly executed short that stands up to repeated viewings by token of the sheer amount of detail put into it. Directors Ludovic Houplain, Herve de Crecy and François Alaux have here created an alarmingly commercial world which is made up entirely of logos, right down to the characters that inhabit it. Characters we encounter include two Michelin man cops, an evil Ronald McDonald, the Haribo boy, the Pringles man and 7-Up’s Fido Dido. The thousands of brands and logos are used as clever visual puns as the Tarantino-esque action unfolds and the commercial world begins to crumble, only for an exquisite final pullback to reveal the hand of capitalism has spread far into the galaxy. Extremely funny and a great communal experience for viewers to spot brands together, ‘Logorama’ even incorporates fictional brands such as Slurm from ‘Futurama’ and the Ghostbusters emblem. One of the few films of which you can genuinely say you see something new every time you watch it, ‘Logorama’ was an instant cult classic and continues to amaze and delight viewers with its visual invention. Even when the brand logos have moved on and been updated, it will stand as an amazing document of late 20th and early 21st century advertising.


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