891. Runaway – Cordell Barker


SUMMARY: An engineer struggles to save a runaway train after it hits a cow.

WHY IT’S HERE: Legendary animator Cordell Barker returned in 2009 with the brilliant ‘Runaway’, a film that took him eight years to complete. Following the frantic action of a train that is derailed by a cow, Barker’s animation is as wild and brilliant as we’ve come to expect from the man who made ‘The Cat Came Back’. ‘Runaway’ also benefits from an added satirical element, in which a first class carriage of passengers attempt to insulate themselves from the issue in hand, as if it is only happening to those lower down the social scale in the other carriage. Barker himself said of ‘Runaway’, “The metaphor of this film is that, whether you notice the jeopardy or not, everybody is trapped on this track, and we’re all going to the same place”, a concept that is borne out by the fantastic final image of the film that puts an emphatic full stop on proceedings.


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