889. The Cat Piano – Ari Gibson, Eddie White


SUMMARY: In a city populated by humanoid cats, local singers begin to go missing. One cat suspects they are being taken away to form part of the monstrous cat piano.

WHY IT’S HERE: Ari Gibson and Eddie White’s ‘The Cat Piano’ was a film I fell in love with instantly and hard. Rendered in deep, inky blacks and blues, ‘The Cat Piano’ takes place in a nourish world populated by felines, in which one cat’s adoration for a beautiful singer is cut short when she is whisked away. He suspects that she has been taken to form part of a cat piano, a torturous instrument which elicits cries from cats at different pitches by inflicting pain on them. Superbly encapsulating a perfectly realised world with the inner-workings of the narrator’s mind, ‘The Cat Piano’ unfolds to the sound of White’s exquisite poem, read by Nick Cave, the ideal choice for narrator of the project. Everything about this short is right, from the look of the characters and the atmosphere of the world to Cave’s deeply-relished voiceover and the delicious words he wraps his tongue around. In eight short minutes ‘The Cat Piano’ takes us to another place where we experience a mind-bending adventure that is disturbing and alluring in equal measures.


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