888. Pigeon: Impossible – Lucas Martell


SUMMARY: Rookie secret agent Walter is faced with a problem when a curious pigeon gets itself trapped inside his hi-tech government-issued nuclear briefcase.

WHY IT’S HERE: Lucas Martell’s ‘Pigeon: Impossible’ is a nifty little farce in which a pigeon becomes inadvertently trapped inside a nuclear briefcase and caused havoc with its random beak stabbings. Many filmmakers try their hand at farce but its a tricky subgenre to really get right. One of the key characteristics of a good farce is that it has to escalate, and ‘Pigeon: Impossible’ certainly does that. Part of the film’s charm is the enormity of a situation that was caused by a bagel and which only one man and one pigeon know is happening. The sort of comedy you watch through splayed fingers, ‘Pigeon: Impossible’ has a nice line in action to keep the viewer interested even as the developments become more ludicrous and improbable.


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