884. Codswallop – Myles McLeod, Greg McLeod


SUMMARY: A collection of short sketches based on a series of stream-of-consciousness illustrations by Greg McLeod which were sent on postcards to his son.

WHY IT’S HERE: The Brothers McLeod’s ‘Codswallop’ is a delightfully unusual animation which plays like a sketch show in which the next sketch is not patient enough to wait its turn. We are presented with glimpses into small moments in a range of characters’ lives. At any one time the screen is divided into two boxes, each of which houses a different event. While the one on the left is playing out, the one on the right is setting up and once their short events have finished they shift along to the left and disappear to make room for a new event. The mood is one of melancholic, humorous surreality and it is impossible to know what is coming next. The idea was derived from a series of postcards which Greg McLeod sent to his son. Confounding expectations and making the viewer laugh in that way where you’re not sure why you did, ‘Codswallop’ establishes an atmosphere all of its own and draws you completely into it. The film was nominated for a BAFTA award and received much critical acclaim.


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