882. Please Say Something – David O’Reilly


SUMMARY: A troubled relationship between a cat and a mouse set in the distant future.

WHY IT’S HERE: Irish director David O’Reilly’s ‘Please Say Something’ is an astonishing and unsettling look at an abusive relationship between a cat and a mouse. Although this sounds like a comic premise, ‘Please Say Something’ instead takes an approach heavily weighted towards the dramatic. Split into 23 episodes of 25 seconds each, ‘Please Say Something’ charts the story of a cat who is in a relationship with a volatile, abusive mouse. Although O’Reilly saw the film as a destruction of the standard cat and mouse cartoon subgenre, the drama is so well-realised that Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Scenes From a Marriage’ springs to mind before Tom and Jerry. O’Reilly is certainly influenced by classic cinema, mentioning Robert Bresson as an influence on his minimalist approach and using a plot device from Michael Haneke’s ‘Funny Games’ in one of ‘Please Say Something’s boldest moments. Never trying to hide the fact that it is a computer animation, ‘Please Say Something’ plays up its artificiality as an experiment in whether people can be made to feel emotionally connected with the most simply rendered characters. The positive reaction to the film has suggested that they can, with many calling it one of the most emotionally raw experiences they have ever encountered.


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