881. Chump and Clump – Stephan Sacher, Michael Herm


SUMMARY: While waiting at a bus stop for a bus that will not arrive for several days, Chump and Clump strike up a friendship which leads to the consumption of a great deal of drink and drugs.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Chump and Clump’ is a very strange graduation film by Stephan Sacher and Michael Herm. Starting out looking like a children’s film (Herm would later go on to work on the popular children’s series ‘Super 4’), ‘Chump and Clump’ quickly turns adult as the central character begin to consume copious amounts of alcohol and drugs to alleviate the boredom of waiting for a bus. After tripping for several days, the pair awake to find the bus has arrived but they are too whacked out to board it. Based around simple designs and ideas, ‘Chump and Clump’s appeal is in its cutely bulbous characters and the theme of friendship which lurks somewhere amongst the anarchy of the piece. Animation fans may think of Aardman’s ‘Pib and Pog’, a good reference point for any animator trying to find that allusive place between childish simplicity and adult irresponsibility.


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