879. Here Comes Dr. Tran – Breehn Burns


SUMMARY: A small Japanese boy becomes the reluctant subject of a brash movie trailer that has absolutely nothing to do with him.

WHY IT’S HERE: Breehn Burns’ internet sensation ‘Here Comes Dr. Tran’ is a clever parody of brash movie trailers and morally reprehensible action franchises. Movie trailers have been spoofed again and again but Burns finds a complete fresh angle here by pairing the announcer’s voiceover with images of a five year old Japanese boy who wonders where the voice is coming from and why he is saying these things about him. Despite his repeated vehement protests, the voiceover continues until the absurdity of suggesting this baffled minor is a movie hero is supplemented with even more inappropriate suggestions that leave him drop-jaw speechless. Like TV’s ‘South Park’, ‘Here Comes Dr. Tran’ uses seemingly crude humour to highlight a satirical point, while never taking itself completely seriously. It’s probably fair to say that at nearly eight minutes ‘Here Comes Dr. Tran’ labours its point and outstays its welcome a little but years after its original release the short is still very popular and lead to a short series of subsequent Dr. Tran cartoons.


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